EMMA Mapping

EMMA mapping in PMI

Each day EMMA is imported to PMI there can be new accounts that will need mapping. Until now we have tried to do all the new mappings. From now on you will have to do the mapping for your property. On Home Screen, a red box will appear with information about accounts to be mapped. You can click the box to come to the mappings or go via the main menu in the top left corner and select Mapping – Accounts under Administration.

Start with making sure you have all boxes ticked in the View box up in the right-hand corner:

At the top of the page, make sure you stand on ALL as a selection and not a specific department. In the Interface, column click the dropdown list and choose One of the EMMA interfaces. When you first enter mappings the unmapped account will appear on top. Click the name “Department ID” to sort the column:

How to map the accounts:

Account 06_Nonrev and 05_Taxes are always ignored.

We only map confirmed and tentative accounts. All other account ID is Ignored. We never ignore confirmed accounts:

EMMA Revenue accounts:

01_Room – Always mapped to Property

02_F&B – Mapped to profit center e.g Bar 1 -> RHG Bar, Restaurant 2 – Bfst food -> Breakfast

03_M&E –Always mapped M&E Department or Conf. Room Rental

04_Other – Always mapped to Other -> Specific Segment

05_Taxes – Ignore

06_NonRev – Ignore

EMMA Covers:

Interface: EMMA PMS Covers Breakfast | EMMA POS Covers

Mapped to Profit Center, select right segment if available.


Mapped to Property and then to belonging Segment.
Please select the interface in the drop down list and have a look at earlier mapped to know how to map the unmapped segment.
Below you also find the absolut latest update of how EMMA segments are mapped into PMI segments:

Confirmed and Tentative Always mapped, other statuses Ignored.

EMMA Sales & Catering OTB

Confirmed, tentative, and Handover to hotel always mapped. The rest ignored.

EMMA Arrival/Departure

Always to property.

Other Info:

Locked/Unlocked account.

All saved accounts are locked. To open them for changes simply click the lock icon before you can do any changes. Remember to save.


Make sure the Spoon/Fork icon is blue when the account is linked to food revenue. This should be done automatically by PMI, but always make sure that is the case. Do not click the spoon and fork for Drinks. If the icon is activated revenue will be linked to food.
This does not apply for OTB mappings, only for EMMA Revenue.

Verifying revenue in departments

Go to the Flash Report and click on the revenue for the department you wish to check, this will open up a pop-up box with all accounts imported that day. You can also look at MTD figures at the bottom and click on that to get the pop-up.

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