Data elements required from TRS

The table below shows the PMI data elements required for PMI R&P module. Corresponding data elements must be identified and included in the export routine that is to be set up in TRS.

#PMI data element (target)DescriptionMandatory / OptionalComment
1Property IDID of the property (hotel, restaurant)M
2Property NameName of the property (hotel, restaurant)M
3Department IDID of the department within the propertyM
4Department NameName of the department within the propertyM
5MealPeriod IDID of the meal periodO
6MealPeriod NameName of the meal period (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)O
7Extract DateDate of the data extractM
8Arrival DateArrival DateM
7CoversNumber of covers/guestsM
8NetRevenueRevenue without VAT and other authority charge ratesM

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