Data elements required from S&C

Why? The data set allows calculation of daily revenue forecast and optimal productivity as well as staffing level in PMI. What? The data set comprises of a daily snapshot of all sales and catering reservations recorded on the book for the next 365 days.

#PMI data element (target)DescriptionMandatory / OptionalComment
1Property IDID of the property (hotel, restaurant)O
2Property NameName of the property (hotel, restaurant)M
3Department IDID of the department within the propertyO
4Department NameName of the department within the propertyM
5EventType IDID of the event typeO
6EventType NameName of the event typeMAn event type can be any kind of catering activity; it can be as simple as a one-hour reception, or something more complex such as a three-day business meeting with meals, breaks, and specific meeting room, setup, and resource requirements. Other common examples are: dinner, meeting, coffee break, etc. These attributes are used to map associated revenue to correct departments and segments.
7MealPeriod IDID of the meal periodO
8MealPeriod NameName of the meal period (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)O
9Extract DateDate of the data extractM
10Event DateEvent DateM
11CoversNumber of covers/guestsM
12NetRevenueRevenue without VAT and other authority charge ratesM
13Event StatusBooking status of the reservationM

Please note: The table above shows the PMI data elements required. Equivalent data elements must be identified in source S&C application as part of the extract specification exercise.

The export should be scheduled daily as early as possible in the morning.

See this article about transfer methods

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