Data elements required from RMS

The table below shows the PMI data elements that need to be populated with values associated with corresponding data elements in the RMS application. There are two distinct sets of data needed from source RMS: RMS actuals and RMS reservations.

#PMI data element (target)DescriptionMandatory / OptionalComment
1Property IDID of the propertyM
2Property NameName of the propertyM
3Extract DateDate of the data extractM
4DateDate of stayMFor instance, if the guest stays for three days, we expect three records; one for each day.
5Market CodeName of the market codeM
6Forecasted Room NightsNumber of room nightsM
7Forecasted Guest NightsNumber of guest nightsO
8Forecasted NetRevenue RoomsRoom revenue without F&B, VAT and other authority charge ratesMNot selling rate.

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