Consolidation OTB


The PMI Consolidation OTB consolidates the OTB data for the entire chain of hotels, if you have several hotels in you benchmark. If not, it only looks at your property.

Intended Users

Revenue Manager, Front Office Manager, Department Heads, Top level Management at the property, Regional and Head Office.


PMI has to be connected to a Property Management System, PMS or POS.


  1. Consolidation OTB is for information only, there is nothing to edit in this module.
  2. The rows displayed are the different months. If chosen to see a Group at the top menu instead of a specific hotel you may open the month with the plus sign and open the group.
  3. You can adjust how much further into the future you want to display.
  4. The KPI column displays an arrow pointing up or down, showing if you are above or below on the books this year compared to last year. If it displays the color green, you are above or below the forecast or budget, depending on what you have chosen as a target.
  5. The next columns show last year’s, current or forecast figures. If you have Tentative OTB this will also be displayed in the chart and graph.
  6. At the bottom, you see a graph showing the above figures. You can click on the different items in the ledger to hide them or bring them forth.
Consolidation OTB 22.jpg


Print the Segment OTB to Excel or PDF.
When printing the print will include Room Nights, Occupancy, ARR and Revenue in different tabs for both budget & forecast

You may also Extract data from the Tools Menu. You get a list with all groups and hotels within the groups. Make your chose of month to extract as well as groups.

View Options

Lets you choose To Date (what period in the future you want to see); you can choose Target, choose if you want to compare to Last Year by Date or by Weekdays, you have to look at either Occupancy, Room Nights, Average Room Revenue or Room Revenue. You may also look at Segment Level when choosing a property or Show Properties when a group is chosen. You can also compare to Last Year directly in the list.

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Use the Segment OTB to get a quick overview about what is on the books for a certain period. Use the Last Year option to see the trend if you are below or over last year’s figures.

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