The table below shows the PMI data elements required for PMI Revenue and Productivity (R&P) module regarding Arrivals & Departures.
It shows the elements that we require from the source system PMS (Property Management System).
Within PMS we import both actuals and reservations (on the book).

#Data elementsDescriptionMandatory / OptionalComments
1Property ID/NameIdentification of the propertyMThe import flow for a property is mostly set up per property. In this case, the property identifier is specified in the flow. If a data set (file) includes data for multiple properties, the property identifier needs to be part of the data set (file).
2DateDate of stayM
3CodeName of the market or rate codeOUsed for mapping to segments. If no code is delivered, there must be another way to extract the segment from the data.
8ArrivalsNumber of room nights arrivalsMRequired when using departures.
9DeparturesNumber of room nights departuresMRequired when using arrivals.

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