Advanced Settings

In this module you are able to set the following:

All of different settings need to be activated by

Currency Settings

Maintain Currency in PMI. Ability to set date period, have different currencies for Budget, Forecast and Actual.

The currencies used are set by d2o but the maintenance of the currencies can be done in this module. Actual needs to be populated but Budget & Forecast is a choice, if not added the Actual rates will be used. 

Rates 2.jpg

To create a new period use the Create button and add the period you want to add.

This functionality is accessible to User Right HQ Administrator

Share Group

In Benchmarking we have the possibility to let all users see all hotels, regardless of own hotel or user right, OR we can limit available hotels in Benchmarking to the same group as your hotel belongs to. The functionality Share Group is for the latter setting, and where users in a specific group should have access to see other group(s) in their Benchmarking view.

Example: We have 3 Groups in PMI; Demo Properties, Region North and Region South. Initially, users belonging to a Demo Properties hotel will only see the group Demo Properties in Benchmarking. If users belonging to a hotel in Demo Properties should be able to also see all Region Norths Hotels, this can be configured in this module.

–        In the left column, choose which group you will give extended access to (in the example above, Demo Properties)

–        In the right column, choose which other group(s) the group above should also see in Benchmarking (in the example above, Region North)

Note that this will NOT give access to users belonging to a Region North hotel access to see Demo Properties hotels in Benchmarking. This will require that we repeat the above steps, but then with the groups the other way around.

Note also that this is configured on groups, i.e. we cannot show only specific hotels in a group, it will show all hotels in the group

This functionality is accessible to only d2o, please contact for help.

Cross-database sharing of hotels in Benchmarking

This functionality will cater for a situation where one or more hotels in one database should be visible in the Benchmarking view in another database. A practical example:

We have a group of hotels in one database, typically a group of hotels with the same owner. These hotels operate under brands that also have PMI, but then in another database. The brand owner would like the “external” hotel to be visible in the Benchmarking View of the brand, and the brand hotels should maybe also be visible in the Benchmarking of the external hotel.

In PMI we will have to configure this in two steps, and the steps are found under Advanced Settings. These are Share Hotel and Group External Hotel

Share Hotel

This is done on the “source” side, i.e. in the database that want to share one or more hotel to another database.

In the left column you will have the groups of the “source” database, but this is only used to have a set of hotels displayed on the right hand side. The groups themselves have no other functionality.

On the right hand side, you have on the top a drop-down menu where you choose which database you want to share hotel(s) with. Below you will find the hotels, and you tick the hotel(s) you want to share with the chosen database.

Share Hotels 1.jpg

This functionality is accessible to only d2o, please contact for help.

Group External Hotel

This is done on the “destination” side, and here you will decide in which group the shared hotels that others have shared with you should be displayed.

In the left column you will have the Benchmarking groups of the “destination” side. Mark a group you want to assign hotel(s) to.

In the right column you will have a list of hotels from other databases that has been shared with you. Mark the hotel(s) you want to have displayed in the group chosen on the left.

Group external hotels.jpg

This functionality is accessible to only d2o, please contact for help.

Period Update

Setting cut off date, preventing past Revenue Data and Hours Data to be edited in PMI.

By working with offset days PMI can lock the data for budget, forecast and actual. The offset days can be set on monthly level for forecast and actual and on yearly level for budget. 

If offset days are set to 5 it has the following meaning: 

Actual – 5 days into next month all previous months are closed. To open a previous month the number of days for the month in mention need to be edited to a higher number, for example; if today is the 17th of November and there is a need to open September the number on September need to state 49 (31 days in October + 18 days in November)

Forecast – 5 days into the current month the forecast is opened for editing but on day 6 the forecast is locked for current month and previous months. Months beyond current are opened.

Budget – 5 days past 31st of December the budget is opened for next year, on day 6 the budget is locked.

Period Update 2.jpg

Setting the offset days are done per year and for actual, forecast and budget separately. The chain default will affect all hotels in the chain but it is possible to override by selecting a group and then tick the hotel do set hotel specific offset days.

This is also how to open an hotel (override chain default).

This functionality is accessible to User Right HQ Administrator

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