Passive On the books “OTB” for other departments

What is passive “OTB” for other departments?

It’s the possibility to work with a Revenue driver in a specific department and have OTB as an information only column.

What is its purpose?

It allows you to work with a Revenue driver in e.g. Meeting & Events and have the OTB information only column available. Please note that this does not apply to Room Forecasting, it’s for Other Departments i.e. Meeting & Events, Bar, Restaurant, Room Service, etc.

  • Choose Live Forecast
  • Choose your department, (everything else but not Room Forecasting)
  • Choose Tools and Configuration Settings
  • Activate OTB and tick off Information only and Save/Update
  • This will only be an option when the Revenue driver is active, it is enabled.
  • It also works for Covers, when it is enabled.

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