GM daily digest enhancements 

This release is designed to make GM daily digest more relevant, and easier to gain useful insights from. In addition to minor adjustments to the overall design and Key insights statements, there are 2 main updates: 

Waterfall chart 

  1. Design update  
    1. All bars now move from left to right of the screen 
  2. Legend is reactive 
    1. Click on a legend item to show/hide it on the waterfall chart 
  3. Additional tooltips 
    1. Hover over the legend or row headers for more details of what is being shown and the data sources 

Labor cost settings 

  1. Additional settings to adjust how actual Labor cost month to date (MTD) is calculated. 
    1. As default, the calculation uses actual hours MTD multiplied by the average hourly rate in the cockpits. 
    2. If the hourly rate in the cockpits does not include social costs, tax pension or holiday pay, set a percentage increase. This will increase the hourly rate in the cockpits by the percentage specified.

For a full overview of the GM daily digest, see article GM daily digest overview. 

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