5th November -Onboarding videos

There is an additional category added into PMI Knowledge base, Onboarding tutorials. Here you will find all video tutorials to assist you with the onboarding process at your property. For more information see Onboarding videos (d2o.com)

P&L Planning video series

P&L Planning 1/10 Purpose and benefits (2:25s) P&L Planning 2/10 Navigation (4:26s) P&L Planning 3/10 How to build a total forecast (4:29s) P&L Planning 4/10 Three ways of inserting figures (4:32s) P&L Planning 5/10 How to add a sub account (1:42s) P&L Planning 6/10 How to build a constant (2:42s) […]

Schedule video series

Schedule 1/8 Navigation (5:12s) Schedule 2/8 How to create a labor cockpit schedule (4:29s) Schedule 3/8 How to add a team member (2:07s) Schedule 4/8 How to create a shift code (3:30s) Schedule 5/8 How to add shift codes to team members (3:41s) Schedule 6/8 How to create a rotating […]

Live Forecast video series

Live Forecast Onboarding (6:06s) Live Forecast Overview (2:57s) Live Forecast 1/5 Navigation (5:05s) Live Forecast 2/5 Rooms (5:05s) Live Forecast 3/5 Meeting & Event (5:40s) Live Forecast 4/5 Food & Beverage (6:11s) Live Forecast 5/5 Breakfast (7:19s)