GoGreen Learning page overview

What is the purpose of GoGreen learning page? GoGreen learning is an analysis tool which highlights how effective you have been in environmental and sustainability management. You can review resource consumption compared to previous periods and learn more about its composition and associated environmental impact as measured by Co2 and […]

Personal View Options explained

Personalize your settings in various areas of the page. Use PMI live forecast period (1+3 weeks which is recommended) or Use monthly view (legacy setting) – choose the option which works best for you. Room OTB change – displays the change compared to the amount of days you choose. The […]

Tools explained

Some of these tools options may not be visible, depending on the kind of Live Forecast you are in and depending on your user rights. PMI Live forecast accuracy A snapshot of your Live forecast for comparison and accuracy checking Available rooms Ensure your available rooms status is always up […]

What is Room revenue planning?

Room revenue planning is where you review and update monthly room revenue forecasts and budgets. It replaces the Budget & Forecast page for Room revenue.   The forecast looks at number of room nights, Average Room Rate (ARR) and resulting room revenue. The page provides you with a pre-populated forecast based […]

Room Live Forecast overview

What is the Rooms Live forecast The Rooms Live forecast is a rolling forecast that is updated regularly throughout the month depending on the latest expectations due to changes in the market, new reservations, cancellations, etc.   It uses forecasted number of room nights and Average Room Rate (ARR) to calculate the Total […]

Mapping Rules set on interface level

What are mapping rules and how does it work? The purpose of this functionality is to assist users avoid the most common mapping errors by presenting them with a number of valid choices. Its the ability to predefine generic mapping rules to prevent “Not Applicable” combinations (room revenue to Front […]