How to set up a NextGen Plan

Summary  Planning is a new module that is being rolled out for PMI departments. It initially supports the GoGreen cockpits with financial elements for environmental targets Room Revenue monthly forecasts and budgets PMI prepopulates this plan using the latest Live Forecast and estimates based on historic financial (P&L) data.  This […]

Save your progress explained

The ‘Save changes’ button will ensure your changes are saved for next time you or anyone else comes back to this plan.  At this stage the values only exist in this view.  In order to make the plan values (cost of energy and estimated unit prices) available anywhere else they also need to be submitted using ‘Submit to cockpits’.  This […]

Comparative data explained

What is comparative data?  It is a set of data that you compare your draft plan against.  The dataset shown under comparative data is also used to calculate other elements of your new plan.  Look for … ‘based on comparative data’… in a section header like this:  Comparative data is often just last year’s actual costs for the department and cost […]

Unit price explained

Example used is Energy. This shows an estimated average price for each month in the plan and is combined with the usage (multiplied) to get the values. You can edit these prices as required. You can see there is added a price of 1 for gas in most months below. […]

Volume/usage/consumption explained

Example used is kWh from GoGreen. This shows the quantity of each resource we expect to use.  The values come from the Live Forecast when this plan was first created.  It’s fair to say that the values may differ in Live Forecast today, that’s why best practise is to review and submit your […]

Plan values explained

Example used is Energy. This first section in the data table is the plan (budget) numbers in the currency shown in the header. It displays in thousands (K) and in the local currency. These values cannot be edited directly. They reflect values in the next sections based on the formula […]

Data table general explained

Example used is Towels & linen. This is the traditional view of a budget with numbers by month.  We have included a total column showing the sum of all months in the plan (which could be anything between 6 & 18 months).  The column Avg./month is the sum of all months divided by the number of […]

Main chart explained

Example used is Towels & linen. Use this chart to see at a glance the general shape of your plan (blue bars) against the comparative period (gray) as pre-set and the level of guest nights planned (purple line). This enables you to see if the cost level decreases when guest […]

Goal charts and YoY comparison explained

The charts below (Towels & linen and Energy are used in this example), displays whether your plan shows year-on-year (YoY) improvement, considering the activity levels.   The plan values for each month are divided by a relevant productivity measure such as guest nights or hotel area in square meters and compared to the same calculation for the same month last year. It shows improvement (a […]

Formula/Calculations explained

The diagram below shows the correlation between the formula elements which calculates the unit price to get the plan value you expect. In the diagram here below the forecast comes from kg from GoGreen multiplied by price per kg. Always ensure you are in the department/resource you are responsible for. […]