5th of September – New Import Status

Monitor your incoming data with the new Import status. You can now keep track of all active interfaces collecting data to PMI. Updated, not updated, and In progress data. The new import status lets you track data and aids you in how to solve any missing data. It also gives […]

Monitor Incoming data – Import status

About Import Status is used to get an overview of your properties´ daily imports from your source systems (PMS, POS, Timekeeping etc). The main features of this module include: Detecting data that has not been updated in PMI e.g data missing for the property and various options for handling it […]

PMI API Best Practice Get Forecasted hours

Most request to the PMI API requires a property id (guid) or a chain id which will be part of the url. These will be provided by d2o. In the following examples we will use “4f725e8a-d8e0-48bb-bb6e-84183edb581d” as chain id (in the end of all urls)   and property id (h_id) 41 […]