Live Forecasting/Weekly in Planning

Summary This chapter describes how to make a Live Forecast/Weekly Forecast in Planning at any time.  This functionality may be used when requirements exists to produce a weekly P&L forecast in addition to a monthly P&L forecast that is the standard best practice routine in PMI. Live Forecasts revenue figures […]

How to make a profit forecast

Summary We will now focus on what steps to take to produce a profit forecast in PMI Planning.  Intended Users GM, Controllers and Heads of Departments Revenue The work with your forecast starts with the revenue section. A vital part of PMI Planning is that your revenue is collected from […]


Summary Personnel cost consists of three different elements:  Salary Social cost Other personnel cost  Intended Users Heads of Departments Instructions Salary Costs Forecasting of salary starts in PMI R&P. A very important principle in PMI Planning is that all hours that are the foundation for calculating the salary cost are […]

Approval Process

How to send in/submit your budget/target or forecast in PMI Planning module. NB! Moved from Submit to Status in tools box. Summary When your budget/target/forecast work is completed and you wish to send in/freeze these figures to become a selectable version in PMI Planning, follow the instructions below. This process […]

Account Summary

Summary Accounts Summary – a quick way to show categories as totals and you can see divisions, departments and accounts level. This is View only, you cannot change anything or look at calculations.   Intended Users GM, Controller and Heads of Departments Instructions Tools You can print and view Status.  […]

Three (3) ways to insert budget in PMI

HOW TO – NEXT YEAR’S BUDGET IN PMI PMI procedures around next year’s budget, made easy Objective: To reach a point where next year’s budgets are entered into PMI in a timely and accurate way, with as little effort as possible and following PMI Best Practice. Audience: PMI users working […]

Copy From Reference

Summary Copy From Reference is used when you want to populate the version you are working in with content from a reference.  When working with your budget for the next year, this could be a useful tool for you to copy your budget to Forecast.  Intended Users GM, Financial Controllers […]

The Schedule Tools & View menu

Summary This summary will help you to manage and understand the Schedule Tools & View menu − the available tools you have and view options.  Intended Users Cockpit Owners Instructions Tools Spend some time to view the different functions within the Tools menu. All of them are described with a […]

Split Shifts Between Departments

Summary If needed, you can create a shift code that divides the hours between various departments. Intended Users Cockpit Owners Purpose Schedule a staff member in two or more departments during the same shift. Prerequisites: Adequate knowledge regarding the creation of shift codes (see section Predefined shift codes in Help). […]


Summary This summary will help you to understand, navigate and manage your PMI scheduling.  Intended Users Cockpit Owners Instructions For scheduling, you can choose between using the mouse or the keyboard. Until you remember the different shortcut keys, open the Shift Codes tab and choose the shift you want to […]