Make a user mobile enabled for the PMI App

Step 1 Open main menu in the top left corner and choose, users under Administration. Step 2 Click on pen and edit user. Step 3 Click in box to activate mobile user and press Save/update Step 4 Get the App from Apple Store When a user account has been “Mobile […]

Introduction to the PMI App

What does the App include? The PMI App is meant to show full property status, down to department level. The main focus is the Management Perspective view that displays the same information that is presented in the web version. The application is “Read only” in the sense that you cannot […]


Summary It is possible to select different reports, depending on the setup of the property in Planning. Reports may be built up by the user with correct user rights or created by d2o at set up of property in PMI. If connected to Profitbase, the reports in Profitbase will be […]

Live Forecasting/Weekly in Planning

Summary This chapter describes how to make a Live Forecast/Weekly Forecast in Planning at any time.  This functionality may be used when requirements exists to produce a weekly P&L forecast in addition to a monthly P&L forecast that is the standard best practice routine in PMI. Live Forecasts revenue figures […]

How to make a profit forecast

Summary We will now focus on what steps to take to produce a profit forecast in PMI Planning.  Intended Users GM, Controllers and Heads of Departments Revenue The work with your forecast starts with the revenue section. A vital part of PMI Planning is that your revenue is collected from […]


Summary Personnel cost consists of three different elements:  Salary Social cost Other personnel cost  Intended Users Heads of Departments Instructions Salary Costs Forecasting of salary starts in PMI R&P. A very important principle in PMI Planning is that all hours that are the foundation for calculating the salary cost are […]