PMI P&L – Filter option

As a Controller, GM, COO or CEO you are now able to in PMI Profit & Loss to filter more than just one account. When working in Accounts you can now pick a group of accounts to work with in the Filter function. Today it is only possible to filter […]

PMI R&P – Lock Budget

It is now possible to lock budget in PMI R&P. The automated setting is to lock on the 1st of January the budget of the year. It is possible to set offset days so you can prolong this or set it to close earlier.  Should you like to change this […]

PMI R&P – 29th of February

Every 4th year, when the 29th day is added, when comparing to last year, from now, there will be no data for last year. Previous we displayed the 28th of February last year. Read more under Live Forecast Overview.

PMI Labor Cockpit

Summary The Cockpit is used to manage hours and labor cost. Her you get an overview of worked and scheduled hours, imported from your Time Keeping System (TKS), recorded in the schedules module or entered manually; you can also move hours between cockpits. Different graphs show how the department is […]

PMI R&P – Express Move Hours

Easily move hours from one cockpit to another A new feature can be activated in the cockpit settings that will enable you to deduct hours from one cockpit and move them to another cockpit without having to switch to the receiving cockpit. Click the symbol on the row of Other […]