There is a possibility to upload documents to PMI. The documents are not property specific but can be viewed by any property within a chain. Document types supported are Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX) and PDF The documents added can be downloaded. To upload a new document go to […]

PMI R&P – Tooltip Live Forecast

The tooltip when hovering over the figures in the budget & forecast columns have been updated with more information. Before it was only displaying a message if the budget or forecast was submitted (copied) using the tool.Now it also displays information if the update was done in Budget & Forecast […]

Upload Actuals, Budget & Forecast

This tool will enable you do to different things: Budget & Forecast Upload Revenue Upload Room Nights, Guest Nights Upload Covers Upload Hours Upload Personnel Cost Actuals Upload Revenue per day Upload Room Nights, Guest Nights per day Upload Covers per day Upload Hours per day Upload Hours as a […]

PMI R&P – Upload Budget, Forecast and Actuals

Upload module has been enhanced to accommodate for more choices and also make the module more intuitive. A wizard have been implemented to help the user through the steps. Possibility to mix Actual, Forecast and Budget in same file and also possible to pull any of these separate from each […]

Data elements required from TKS

PMI is a Productivity Management Tool. The tool is looking at productivity per department in the hotel. PMI calculates productivity by looking at the Cost Driver for the department, normally revenue, room nights or covers. PMI is then taking the cost driver and dividing it with the amount of hours […]

PMI Index New

The new PMI Index is designed to give you a better indication of how you are performing. Each department is measured separately on level of activity, accuracy, schedule alignment and completeness. With the new and improved index you can easily break down the cockpits and revenue centers to pin point […]