Revenue Driver explanation

What is a revenue driver?  A revenue driver is what drives the revenue of a department. For example, if more guests are staying at a hotel, the restaurant can expect to generate more revenue. There is often more than one driver that impacts revenue in a department.  A driver-based forecast […]

16th of March – Introduction to PMI

To onboard new users there is now a category in Knowledge base where you can find all roles at a hotel and guidance to what videos to have a look at as well what articles in Knowledge base is important to view. See this link – Onboarding Roles

Transfer Methods

There are basically 5 options to transfer files/data in the following preferred order:  Webservices/API – If your system offers such service, please provide access information/credentials. SFTP Client – you upload the daily extract to d2o server, credentials will be provided by d2o. Server host key Algorithm: ssh-rsa 1024 Fingerprints: SHA256:OaK8ia0WT5HWLzpC3i10bG7PUp2XCU7IFf67Lzl/70A […]

Onboarding to PMI

To onboard on PMI, you can use the videos in each module within PMI at the top video icon. These videos are also divided into differens categories in the below link: Link to Onboarding Video – click here. Depending on the modules at your property some videos might not be […]