Transfer Methods

There are basically 5 options to transfer files/data in the following preferred order:  Webservices/API – If your system offers such service, please provide access information/credentials. SFTP Client – you upload the daily extract to d2o server, credentials will be provided by d2o. FTP/SFPT server – if your system offer such […]

Onboarding to PMI

To onboard on PMI, you can use the videos in each module within PMI at the top video icon. These videos are also divided into differens categories in the below link: Link to Onboarding Video – click here. Depending on the modules at your property some videos might not be […]

User maintenance – disable non active users

Users not logging into PMI for 60 days will automatically be disabled from PMI and a message will appear when trying to login stating that the user can use the Forgot Password link to activate the account again. If the user is not logged into PMI for 120 days the […]

Step 2 – Set up and Integration

This article lists tasks in step 2 Below are some important actions that needs to be looked at as soon as possible for us to be able to setup PMI for your hotel. 1. Configuration Sheet This is for us to understand how your property is set up. Please fill […]

Setup PMI for your property

When implementing PMI at your property there are several tasks that needs to be done. In this article we describe the process for these different steps to prepare the hotel. From step 1 to step 10 we calculate approximately 100 days but the property is live on PMI from step […]

SAP Labor Cost Mapping

RHG will export the SAP Labor Cost twice a month and it will contain actual Labor Cost for past month and forecasted Labor Cost for current month and future months. When SAP Labor Cost is imported for the first time to PMI there will be accounts that will need mapping.The […]

Revplan Mapping

When Revplan is imported for the first time to PMI there will be accounts that will need mapping. On Home Screen a red box will appear with information about accounts to be mapped. You can click the box to come to the mappings or go via the main menu in […]

PMI R&P – Updated Revenue Driver

The automated revenue driver has been updated to cover for Covid period. The way PMI finds and calculate data in the past has been updated to come up with better values for future days. When this change was rolled out we copied the Forecast to Live Forecast column, meaning the […]


The table below shows the PMI data elements required for PMI Revenue and Productivity (R&P) module regarding Arrivals & Departures.It shows the elements that we require from the source system PMS (Property Management System).Within PMS we import both actuals and reservations (on the book). # Data elements Description Mandatory / […]