How to complete Classification Fact sheet

See below for detailed clarifications on each metric in the Classification fact sheet. Use this as a guide when completing the Classification fact sheet for your property. Metrics Floor space (m2) Based on size Star rating Location and clientele Floor space  The total floor space of all inside areas in […]

How does SMART allocate daily hours? 

SMART is a monthly forecast based on the productivity/hours forecast set (How is SMART calculated?). It identifies historic trends to suggest how many hours should be scheduled each day in order to meet the monthly productivity/hours forecast.  The manual primary cost driver will always be included, but SMART may identify […]

Room revenue Planning: Calculations explanation  

What is its purpose?  The Room revenue planning page is used to create monthly forecasts and budgets (Plans) for room revenue. PMI auto-populates the plan with a proposed Plan based on the settings selected when creating a plan. This Plan can then be adjusted manually as needed.  Note that the […]

How to set up a Live forecast: configuration settings 

There are several ways to configure the Live forecast which will affect how the Live forecast is calculated.   Changes are done using configuration settings via the tools icon in the top right corner of the screen. This is only visible to users with appropriate access rights.  Room revenue Live forecast  […]

Live forecast tools and personal view settings

What are the tools in Live forecast?  Available Tools and View Options will vary depending on your property’s Live forecast set up, the department you are viewing, and your user access rights.   Pickup Statistics: Click here to review and analyse the booking pattern for the different Segments and the ARR […]

GM Introduction to PMI 

What is PMI?   PMI is a forecasting and resource management tool that enables you to easily manage resources such as labor, food, and energy to improve consistency in guest service and productivity – thus minimizing costs.  It is designed help you excel in a management position, by providing you with […]

GM daily digest enhancements 

This release is designed to make GM daily digest more relevant, and easier to gain useful insights from. In addition to minor adjustments to the overall design and Key insights statements, there are 2 main updates:  Waterfall chart  Design update   All bars now move from left to right of the […]